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Jeeps New Concept Vehicle

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While watching Motoring TV the other day, they were showing the new Jeep Concept vehicle "2007 Jeep Trailhawk". Here are a couple of links to have a better peek. Trust me you'll need to pry my Compass keys out of my cold dead hands before I give up our baby! ... k_concept/ ... ncept.html

Question, has anyone thought of a nick name to call us Compass lovers?
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Gotta say, I saw the Trailhawk a couple months back, and whew! I would have to have that one, too!! I would love to think it could make it to production, but sometimes you just never know. Glad the Compass made it in. Not only that, but I am glad they changed a few things from both concept models for the final version, which I am so very happy with. I am just a Jeep freak, '91 Cherokee Sport, 4x4, and now the Compass. I am also looking for an '87/'88 Comanche truck. Saw a couple on ebay, but that's too far to travel. Anyways, happy driving, and I will have to think about the nickname thing and get back to you. Good question.
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