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Joint bearing failure factors is mainly internal structure design, manufacturing process and the material quality of the quality of the decision, the correlation of three factors.
Surcharge fracture failure and the direction of the two main factors. When more of the burden imposed by more material strength parts such as fractured surcharge. Install the main emergency overload or improper. Lack of parts joint, crack SuKong guidance, etc., incision and overheating, miscellaneous external burn shock overload or local defects in vibration intensity default fracture, referred to as a defect fracture. It is worth mentioning that the direction of the raw materials, during production in plant, forging and the reinspection do not coincide, the process of quality control, through the analysis of treatment means to control these defects correctly, in the future, if there is need to improve control. But on the whole, usually appears in most correlation circuit failure rupture failure.
The main task of the Parameter Of SKF 6206 Bearing failure, is to analyze a large amount of data, analysis, to find the background and the main failure form of factors related to the failure, to put forward the improvement measures, extend the orientation degree is differ, there is sudden, prevent premature failure of the bearing.
At work due to the influence of external factors, joint bearing, exchange or in caravaca accurately, reduce the auction, and even a little death "and" the change of the failure. External factors, including installation to surplus does not reach the designated position, quantity, the intrinsic factors of inflation, as the focus, instantaneous overload the remnants of residual stress, such as facial is in unstable condition, the change of the main causes of failure of the band.
The guidance of quality materials are the main factors influencing the metallurgy rolling early joint bearing failure. With (such as joint bearing steel metallurgy technology, vacuum degassing, etc.) raw material progress, improve quality. Quality factors of the proportion of raw materials in the joint bearing failure analysis has been greatly reduced, but is still one of the main influence factors of failure dependency. If still XuanCai appropriate guidance must consider factors analysis of the failure.
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