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Keep the drain holes clean

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Just a heads up. I don't park under any trees and try to check and keep any debris out of the area below the windshield. Today we had a downpour of about a quarter of an inch of rain and soon after it stopped, I went out the check the oil. Upon opening the hood I found the area around the driver's side wiper arm filled with water up to the Gecko's hind leg. I felt around and couldn't even feel the drain holes. I sponged out the water and only found shmutz (dirt & pollen) that had run off the windshield had clogged the drain holes. I had to poke the holes with a small screwdriver to clear them. The other wiper area was fine. Make sure you check those drain holes! I am sure if it was winter and that water froze, something in the wiper system would have broke.

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