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I was driving along yesterday and:
  1. Engine stopped
  2. The tachometer dropped to zero
    1. This is an automatic position and I have to assume that the transmission was still pushing the engine as I was pulling off the road, so zero was probably another result of the error
  3. the traction control light was on, but no other dash lights.
I tried restarting it, however, it ould not restart. I noticed that when I turned the key from the start position to the ON position, the starter continued to turn until I turned the switch all the way to OFF.

I poked around under the hood and removed, and inspected, some important looking fuses. Then, for no good reason, I decided to try starting it again. It started right up and continued with no issues for the next four hours until I reached my destination.

I am working under the theory that checking the fuses cleaned some corrosion off the contacts. Is there anything else I should check?
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