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So the time has come.

I purchased my Jeep Compass July 10' with 35k miles on it...

As of August 11', with $3300 in repair bills documented, I have now made the choice to leave. It started off with both the front lower control arms, both front struts, front and rear sway bar links and bushings, axle seals, tie rods.. and im sure there's more. Driving home from work Friday check engine light came on, took it to my normal dealer, the place where I purchased the vehicle (Nissan Dealer, amazing people) and it turns up to be a o2 Sensor. I'm done with all the labor on the vehicle, I really can't handle taking it to the dealership every 2 months for a new issue.

Dealer showed sympathy, giving me $12,000 for it, letting me keep my aftermarket speakers, stereo, and roof racks too.

New vehicle is a 09' Nissan Rogue SL AWD

Good luck to all my Compass'ers, please don't let Chrysler take you down.
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