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Hi Folks!

I have to tell you, I was originally going to get the 2018 Subaru Crosstrek, but I couldn't get one with a 6 speed manual AND a sunroof (go figure)... So I "settled" on the 2018 Jeep Compass, because I got the 6-speed manual, a WONDERFUL sunroof, and the heated seats with the 4x4! And this is all in the Latitude!

Took a while to get used to some unexpected blind spots, but I really LOVE THIS CAR!! Had it out in the Minnesota snow and it handled soooo smooth! Zero problems!

And that heated steering wheel! Just wonderful!

I'm a first time Jeep owner, and I have two things I'm wondering about...

First, being a little nit-picky, I think it's odd that they didn't include rear air vents for the back seat passengers in this model. Seems like every other model has them. Dealer suggested it's because it's a manual, which didn't make sense to me. But I suppose that's ok (unless there's some kit where I could install them myself)...

But more importantly, I think I'd like to replace the factory incandescent brake lights with LED lights at some point.

Anyone have thoughts on this? Would the change in amps mess up the electrical system?

I'm sure the lights installed now will last a nice long time. But I feel like LED bulbs would be so much brighter and better.

Would love to hear pros and cons of replacing those bulbs!


Happy Jeepin'!!
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