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I have 2019 jeep compass limited that had a problem for several months now,every time I washed the car the door locks just keep opening and closing on their own , windows won't get up or down and all sort of wired funny problems,but then it would go away by thier own after few hours.
Recently,the driver side window just stop functioning, lucky I had a near by junk yard that allows me to replace center locks console and the window motor, the window still won't go up or down so I new the problem is in the harness, I noticed that the rubber garment at the door hinges was loose so I start their.
Tried to inspect the connection socket between the door and the piller but couldn't reach it unless the door was removed.
To my surprise,I found the contractor was corroded so bad that it has to be replaced, I found door harness easy enough with reasonable price,but the body side female connector is part of the entire body harness which cost about 1300 dollar, my question is were can I found replacement kit or only the female connector from a junk yard or a dealer or anybody can suggest a proper solution?
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