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Merry Xmas to all!
Wifey took the hints, and Santa dropped off a new Sirius receiver to hook up to our Kenwood double din head unit. :spinning:

Thought this would have been covered a few times... but I can find no posts on installing the Sirius antenna on the Compass; nor on the "other" Jeep forum. :confused:

Front top? Back top? Tucked under the windshield rubber? Tucked under the tail gate seal? Is the darn cable even long enough to run from the tail gate to the head unit? Even did a google search, and other than learning that double sided tape attachment to the dash is the worst possible location, not a lot of help either...

This ain't rocket surgery I know; but sure thought this would have been done and doc'd before.:dunno:

Maybe it's secret... :think: Soon as it warms up a bit (supposed to be in the mid 60's today :) I'll get out the tools and start pulling things apart...
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