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Looking to 2013

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Jeep will most likely introduce a new model small SUV in 2013. If you could look over the designers and engineers shoulders what styling and engineering features would you like to see?
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I would like to see a set of factory options packages or factory designed aftermarket parts that would let us choose what the individual really wants in a Jeep for the 21st century.

You want a Jeep that has more acceleration you could add it.

Want a trail rated package you can get it.

Want better MPG there are ways to build it.

Need real towing or rooftop capability add it on.
That's a good question, with lots of good answers...

In all honesty, I think sometimes for a company to look forward, it must look backward, just a bit, to remember where it came from. Not to the point of going completely retro on the style (no offense to anyone here, but the PT Cruiser??? Thank goodness it's on its way to that big Autobahn in the sky) and the Chevy HHR, made a good Super Bowl ad, but that's about it.

My point is, Jeep, for all that own and love them, is not just a vehicle but a LEGEND, and that should be the first thing kept in mind in any redesign. Personally, I like the older body styles, the sharper lines and rugged look, really wish they'd bring back the 4L I-6, awesome engine, just find a way to equip it with MDS for good mpg, but for me, as long as I can lift it, tow behind it, fill it with gas not plug it in, and it doesn't look like a Smart, good by me. :)

- Cherokee
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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