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I recently purchased a used 2018 Compass Sport. It's pretty basic (2wd, 6 speed manual, 5 inch UConnect), which is fine by me. I came from an 09 Expedition with 198k miles. It was starting to fall apart and I was tired of 13.5 mpg. That and I HATED driving it. What a PIG! I looked at renegades first and almost made a deal on a tan 4x4, but the dealer sold it out from under me. Dejected, I decided enough with internet shopping and drove with the girlfriend down to the local Jeep dealer to see what they had. My stipulations were: under $20k, under 40k miles, stick, and 4 door. Besides that, I was open to anything. The sales guy was skeptical that they'd have anything. 300+ used cars and 99% are automatics. "We stock what sells." He showed a singular stick in stock. A sedan. I wasn't excited, but I was starting to fatigue and did not want to drive the expedition home. Luckily, he decided to look at the ones marked "other" for transmission and saw a bright red Compass. "I've never seen a manual transmission Compass." he said. But no sooner than uttered the words did he click the interior shot that showed 3 pedals. Huzzah!

A test drive and a "We owe U" contract to fix "vibration at speed" later and we made a deal to trade the Expedition and my beat-to-hell 99 Ram 2500 for the Compass.

I found this forum while doing some shoulda-looked-before-buying-but-hope-there's-no-big-issues googling. From you fine folks, I learned of oil consumption, wonky wiring, sway bar link rattles, low MPG, little power, transmission shifting problems and began to worry. But a week into ownership and almost 300 miles added to the clock, I suffer none of these issues. I think the relative basic-ness of my car may be working in my favor. Simpler electronics, no heavy 4x4 gear, no automatic transmission to waste power and shift weird, etc. I'm lucky on the oil consumption front, but I think the simple 2wd 6 speed manual saves weight and complexity and makes for a happier driving experience. And so far, I've been having a happy driving experience.

Oh, and the dealer found the source of my vibration: 2 of the 4 brand new tires they put on it before I bought it were so far out of balance that they couldn't get them within spec. So the dealer is putting 4 brand new tires on it tomorrow.


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