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Enjoy and search the forums. I really like my Compass Trailhawk. Just two things the gas mileage isn’t that great, and only a 13.5 gal gas tank.
Because I do go off road ,I purchased 5 new BFG Trail Terrains , one size bigger 225/65/r17 . My gas miles has really drop. The ride improve and lot more traction off road.
Please stay with the factory M&S tires 215/65/r17 if majority of your driving is on highways.

MY M&S tires , I had already damagea a sidewall, due to the road conditions at our coffee farm.

Over all the Compass drives and handle the roads on and off road very well. Yes the engine could use more horsepower, all round town enough power. On the highways you will wish it had more “get & go”.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts