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Hello all,

I read in the manual that when you have the EVIC (Electronic Vehicle Information Center) which comes with the driver's convenience group if I'm not mistaken, which I have, you should be warned that you have a "Low Washer Fluid" condition. That is, if you're about to be empty in your windshield washer fluid tank, the EVIC in the dash should chime and show "Low Washer Fluid".

I completely emptied this tank 2 times now and it never happened, there never was any warning of any kind.

Now, is it just me having a problem with this feature or is it just non-existent in the Compass and they forgot to remove it from the user's manual.

Btw, I'm referring to page 177 of the English version owner's manual.

Here's a little quotation from the owner's manual about all the other things that we should be warned if we have the EVIC:


When the appropriate conditions exist, the Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) displays the following messages.

Turn Signal On (with a continuous warning chime)
Left Front Turn Signal Lamp Out (with a single chime)
Left Rear Turn Signal Lamp Out (with a single chime)
Right Front Turn Signal Lamp Out (with a single chime)
Right Rear Turn Signal Lamp Out (with a single chime)
RKE Battery Low (with a single chime)
Personal Settings Not Available -Vehicle Not in Park (automatic transmissions) or vehicle is in motion (manual transmissions)
Left/Right Front Door Ajar (one or more, with a single chime if speed is above 1 mph)
Left/Right Rear Door Ajar (one or more, with a single chime if speed is above 1 mph)
Door (S) Ajar (with a single chime if vehicle is in motion
Gate Ajar (with a single chime)
Low Washer Fluid (with a single chime)
Headlamps On
Key In Ignition
Check TPM System

For me, the real important one, especially in winter (yes I live in Canada) is the low washer fluid one. Having windshield washer fluid in your tank is as important as any other security feature and I was relying on this in my previous 3 cars and was very happy to learn (in the manual) that I also had this feature in my Jeep. But I think they speak of it even though it is not included in our Compasses. Big deception...

I know for a fact the the warning about the doors and gate ajar are functioning, same goes for the headlamps on and key in ignition, I can't tell about the others. If any of you have had one of those, wave your hand (oh, and reply to this also, hehehe)


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Self reply :)

I had my first oil change and asked about this and was very unhappy with the answer.

Compass do not have this feature even though it says so in the manual. Chrysler issued a dealer notice regarding this.

That's very stupid if you ask me. But that's how it is. No low windshield washer indicator for us.

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