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If you invest in a set of custom wheels you really want to avoid damaging them when taking them on or off. 'Tuner' style nuts are narrower and use a narrow (thin wall) socket to avoid striking and damaging the wheels when putting them on or taking them off the vehicle. Some custom wheels may work with OEM acorn style lug nuts but many require tuner nuts. Either way, using narrower nuts and sockets avoid cosmetic damage to the wheels.
There are a number of brands and many options for finishes when selecting tuner nuts. My favorite is -no question- McGard SplineDrive.
McGard is a well established company with a long history. Their products are superior in many ways; wheel nuts are through-hardened and tempered steel, with 3 layers of nickle plating and one layer 'micro-porous' chrome, they have high standards for metallurgy and machining that give their products superior strength and result in uniform seating on the wheel and precise torquing.
Tuner nuts are generally intended for small car and on-road use. If you are going to put custom wheels and big tires on a Jeep and drive it like a Jeep, you really, really want the best wheel nuts you can get. There are lots of 'cool' looking tuner nuts out there, and the massive technological superiority of McGard products isn't immediately obvious when shopping. Don't be fooled.
And yes children you can get all the pretty colors, too.

SplineDrive Lug Nuts
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