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Dear Forum Users,

I know that this post will be a bit weird cause most of forum users are from USA.
I own a 2019 - Jeep Compass with 8.4NAV. I live in Turkey, therefore installed Software on Uconnect is way-different from USA or Europe software.

Main Cons:
  • Live services not enabled
  • there is no app loaded such as jeep skills etc
  • 7" cluster display settings are limited for ex fuel cons and range could not be set as left - mid - right upper menu.
At this I kindly ask if any installed USA or Europe ROM could be worth trying (of course JEEP will never permit it, and I do not also think that I could get that software from anywhere)

My main problem is the lack of additional applications such as Jeep Skills.
If any forum user could paste their application tab under this post, it will be a good chance for me to determine the missing or not available apps.
Then, I will post mine, nothing avail actually besides settings, telephone and projection settings.



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