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At my house we own both 😋 but ours are the High Altitude/Limited on-road trims.

My wife and I agree the Compass looks better overall, but the Cherokee is definitely a better vehicle that reflects its extra cost over a Compass. Our Cherokee is much faster, gets better MPG, has more room, more capability, better design/layout under the hood and underneath the car, and better build quality vs the made-in-Mexico Compass.

There is no valid reason anyone should ever choose a Compass over a Cherokee other than cost. The styling is subjective, in our opinion the Compass has a better looking exterior but the Cherokee is just a much, much better car front to back. It also costs more, ergo, you get what you pay for.

If your budget says "Compass", its a decent car for the money. If your budget allows for a Cherokee and you go with a Compass anyways, you are a crazy person 🤪

In either case, on those two Jeeps in particular we only recommend the Trailhawk off-road trims (for those who want the look of the Jeep off-road lifestyle/vibe, most will never put it to use) or the Limited/High Altitude+ road-based trims (High Altitude = best option for these two cars, hands down). The ride quality and handling of the upper road trims with the larger rims and wider tires is excellent. Trailhawks take a notable dive in on-road handling. Latitudes are literally mixed bags with the ugliest trims & rims, missing half the good stuff, and Sports are missing a majority of the goodies that actually make it a nice fancy car. If I tell someone we love our 2020 High Altitude Cherokee and they go buy a cheap Latitude with a crappy 5 inch radio, no Carplay or Android Auto, no heated seats or wheel, no sunroof, no power seats with lumbar, no leather, no ambient lighting, no color center cluster, 2.4 base motor, etc they are going to totally miss the point of why we like ours so much. Indeed they would wonder why anyone thinks these cars are special at all. Get a good trim with a lot of options to get the most out of either of these. A low trim can give you the good AWD system that makes it a good all-weather car but not much else.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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