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my big day!

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hello everyone! how are you???

well, moi??? super excited for today's my big day!!! be leaving in a few minutes to get my beloved Compass! :D

à bientôt!!! :D
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new ride

Congrats on the new ride - post some details about your big day!

Hope you enjoy your new car!
By all means, you will have to let us know how it goes. I know my big day 3 months ago was terrific, and called for a big celebration. Congratulations, and definitely share it with us!
Felicitation from Canada.

I hope you enjoy it! :lol:
hellooooo!!! :D

thank you! thank you! *bows*

oh, it's been raining since this morning -- it's almost 9 o' clock in the evening and the rain still doesn't seem to want to "take a break", so my darling Compass is now soaking wet! Our garage is not big enough to "accomodate" it, so it's gonna be sleeping in our driveway with my Peugeot. The garage is for my hubby's mistress (yamaha XJR 1300)... :evil:

So... my beloved Compass... before ordering it, I told my husband that I want the Limited, the silver color and the sunroof. But the lady in the car dealer told us that if I really want the sunroof, I'd be waiting for more than 3 months. And since I didn't want to wait that long, I ordered one without :cry: Then this afternoon, the lady told us there's a little problem... :roll: it's got a sunroof! :D (I didn't see any problem there! hehe...) oh yeah, it's just that I got to pay more! So all in all the Compass costed us 27,490 €uros (+480€ for the papers), expensive eh? :x But that's okay, I really wanted it and starting to love it!!! The Compass's so beautiful it made every head turn!!!!!! :lol: and I'm the first to have it in this town (as per the car dealer) -- and that makes me even more proud!!!

Cheers!!! (be opening a bottle of ...... Badoit!) Hehe... (I don't drink...) :lol:

A bientôt, guys!
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Very good. Sounds a little like me, I am the first one to have one where I live, too, but, then again, that was what I was after, something as unique and original as I am, lol, but still be able to have another Jeep!!
Bon Soir, mes amis!
Tu vas beaucoup aimer ton Compass, j'en suis certains, j'adore le mien !

Il fait effectivement tourner beaucoup de têtes, tu verras, c'est très amusant. Les gens sont curieux, ils n'ont jamais vu ce modèle.

Amuses-toi bien avec ton nouveau joujou :)


yeah, Cherokee, and I love the feeling.. :mrgreen: just got to be easy on the gas -- "running in" (is that how it's called?) is necessary, right? haven't read the whole manual yet...

Red Vortex, merci!
il y a juste un truc, quand je la démarre, il y a des lettres CAL qui clignote sur l'ordinateur de bord (entre la boussole et la température d'extérieur). alors, j'ai appelé le concessionnaire et ils m'ont dit de leur amener la voiture (car la vendeuse n'était pas capable de me dire pourquoi). le mécanicien m'a dit que ce n'était qu'un CALibrage de la boussole et ça va s'arrêter de clignoter d'ici plus au moins une semaine. est-ce que ça t'es arrivé? ça m'inquiète un peu... :(

mais apart ça, j'en suis folle!!! :lol:

Marie Vic

ça ne m'est pas arrivé mais c'est effectivement cela. Par contre, je ne pense pas que ça va se régler tout seul, tu dois régler le problème toi même.

Ton problème est que ta boussole n'est pas calibrée. Elle peut se calibrer elle même mais tu dois suivre une procédure. Le manuel du véhicule explique très bien comment le faire. Voici la procédure du manuel anglais:

Compass Calibration

The Compass will automatically calibrate if the Cal indicator is flashing, by driving around slowly (under 5 mph / 8km/h) in one or more complete circles in an area free from large metallic objects or power lines, until the Cal indicator turns off.

If during normal use the compass appears erratic, inaccurate or abnormal, you may wish to calibrate the compass. Prior to calibrating the compass make sure the proper zone is selected.

To manually calibrate the Compass: start the engine and leave the transmission in the PARK position. With a short button press (less than one second) press and release the EVIC button several times until the EVIC displays the Personal Settings (Customer Programmable Features) menu. Once in the Personal Settings (Customer Programmable Features) menu, press and release (less than one second) the EVIC button several times until "Calibrate Compass (Yes)" is displayed. A long (longer than two seconds) EVIC button Press will place the Compass in calibration mode. The Cal indicator will come on continuously in the EVIC display to indicate that the compass is now in the calibration mode and that the vehicle can now be driven to calibrate. (A short EVIC button press from the "Calibrate Compass (Yes)" screen will exit the EVIC Customer Programmable features, and return it to its normal operating mode).

To complete the compass calibration, drive the vehicle in one or more complete 360 degree circles under 5 mph (8 km/h) in an area free from power lines, large metallic objects, until the CAL indicator turns off. The compass will now function normally.

En gros, ce que ça dit, c'est que tu dois tourner en rond pendant quelques tours, lentement (moins de 8 km/h), loin d'objet métalliques et loin de lignes électriques jusqu'à ce que le voyant CAL s'éteigne... Bonne chance.

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yeah, you're right. sorry, (just had to leaf through the manual's pages...).

it's just that there are things that bother me a lot... am talking about the topics in this forum under "Everything Else", people seem to have problems (including you) with their Compass (brakes loosen, locking/unlocking of the problems, etc.) and that scare me! :cry: am a mother with two kids -- that's the reason why I bought Jeep -- security. but after reading those, I had a hard time sleeping last night. and until now, as I type this, je suis vraiment angoissée. and the Jeep Compass Recall, it only proved that there really are problems...

to be honest, am really scared.

and this one -->
please take note of the manufacturing dates. I ordered mine last Feb 17 and had it last March 6, do you think that problems, let's say with the brakes, have already taken care of by the manufacturers? and that there's a big probability that I wouldn't have problems with it?

sorry, I know I shouldn't be asking you this, but I don't know... I just think i need to hear some assurance... (from you, ACX, and from other passionate Jeep owners). :oops:

thanks in advance!

à bientôt! :)
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well, many many vehicles have recalls, like for example the honda civic in north america had 4 last year!

Now in terms of recalls, they are done 99% of the time before any incidents happen. The instances of people actually getting injured from these types of problems at least from what I've seen is astronomically rare, 1 in a million type of thing. This goes typically for ANY car, not just the compass. If there is an imminent threat, you would see action right away.

I would assume your compass would be new to the point in fact that the recalls do not affect it. Ours for example was built in January and I have not heard anything about ours being affected.

As for the compass itself.

I know it has good crash test results, so is very safe.
I know that the AWD system is solid and performs well.
I know the electronic stability control does a great job (I have kicked the system in myself on purpose in a snowy parking lot to test and was happy with the results).
I know the panic brake tests I've done in the compass tell me this thing has more brakes than it needs - and again I've not had any issues with noise on mine.

I actually sllep well knowing my girlfirend will be driving the compass on our often icy roads.

The recall for brakes began last month, and if you are concerned you should give them a call. :wink:

I can tell you that in the 2500kms we've had no problems.
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i had the abs recall on my compass done 3 weeks ago, all they do is reprogram the abs part, hook it up to the computer for about 45mins or so and your done.....................was told by the dealer that the brakes would still function with this problem, just not the abs part
mavictoria, ACX is right. I did all the research I possibly could on this vehicle. I wanted the Compass the minute I first saw it on the Jeep website, before they even priced it, but what I did tell my partner is that I will be keeping a very close eye out for any problems that I either notice myself, or read about online. I belong to Alldata, and you can find anything out about it you want. What concerned me at first, was that this car was, in many ways, a very new concept for Jeep, actually one of the few concepts for Jeep that actually made it to production. However, what I have come to know after owning Jeeps for many years, is that I bought this one for the same things I trust in my Cherokee, reliability, dependability, quality. They have a very strong reputation for being ruggedly dependable, which is what I have relied on for all these years, and why I felt and still feel comfortable with that. You made a good choice, as we all did, but with any new technology comes a learning curve. My Cherokee is a '91, and in that year, they did a lot of experimenting, and changed a few things, tried other things out. There were even recalls out for that model year for the brakes. I also have no PCV valve, I have a CCV hose. No wonder when I was getting oil in my air filter, it was hard to pinpoint the problem, because I was looking for something that I was used to being there, but wasn't. I figured out how to bypass it, and kept driving on. Over the course of the years, they work the bugs out. We have a very well built, safe and reliable vehicle for years to come. Just be diligent with your maintenance, and it should remain relatively maintenance and problem free for a good long time.
P.S. - I am a VERY passionate Jeep fan!!!
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thank you very much, guys!

you don't know how much I felt relieved reading your replies before the weekend! and yes, I and my family had a very happy weekend! (how about you? :D)

well, aside from having a very sunny saturday and sunday, we had fun driving around!!! the fear I had before has completely disappeared! yeah, you kinda assured me! :wink:. (I don't know, despite the effort my husband did/say to assure me -- it just wouldn't work, I know he's not the expert! I really needed to hear it from you!!!) again, thanks!

and am giving out the whole world that I sooooo love my Compass! this is something we can drive with pride! a kinder and a gentler car, the ride is smooth and quiet, and gave me such a relaxed and secured feel!

thank you and have a wonderful week! :)
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