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Well I'm going to start ordering parts in a week or so, to start my compass build, It's going to take about a month to order everything. I will not start until I have everything, I just figured I'd share my plans with you guys.

I'm starting off with a 2008 4x4 Jeep compass Rallye 2.4. 100k miles
I've had nothing but suspension and electrical issues with the thing, so I'm sick of it and going to do a complete overhaul and make it a Vehicle worth the payments I'm making on it.

1) RRO Lift kit is first thing on my list.
2) Brand new Strut/Coil springs Front and Back.
3) Rear lower Control Arms, both sides.
4) Tie Rod ends
5) MBRP Exhaust System
6) 16x7 V-5 Crager's w/ 235/70 16 A/T's
7) Front Lower control arms on both sides

Any suggestions/comments. I'm looking at about a $1,500 - $1,750 Total for this Project, I think its reasonable for doing what I'm doing.

My one question, My Rallye Body Kit... Take off? Or Leave on??? I'm very undecided on that, Some say it'd look cool, but i think that if i take the body kit off it + lifting it 2" I'd gain a load of ground clearance .

Thank you

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I would say keep the body kit on, only reason to possibly get rid of it is if you were going to do some serious offroading and could risk wrecking it, or you could leave it on and if you bash it up, then you could take it off =)

one thing regarding the exhaust, I'm not sure grabbing an entire exhaust kit is the most cost effective way to go. I just got my muffler replaced and the rear part of the exhaust tucked up higher to get more ground clearance. It only cost me 250 bux, however if you are getting a good deal on the whole system by all means go with that.

Oh and one thing I would like to see (didin't do it on my compass) is a dual outlet exhaust, I just like seeing 2 pipes out back =)

Have fun with the build.
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