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There is this small relay box situated around below the headlight on the driver side.
This box has caused a lot of grief to many owners as it contains important relays and electrical connections that is responsible for starting, cooling fan and other functions.

The problem is the location of the box. It is placed in an area where it is exposed to water, salt and other corrosives that are applied to the road during winter and rainy days.

To prevent problems associated with corrosion of this box a simple procedure is as follows.

Disconnect the battery at the negative terminal
Remove the top cover
Inspect to see if there is corrosion already
Remove the relays one by one and spray the connections and wiring with a rust preventative such as fluid film or similar product. Spray liberally.

If you already see corrosion, remove the box and inspect the bottom. Most likely you will see more corrosion. Repair or replace damaged connectors.

As usual think SAFETY. You are working on an electrical part that is powered unless you disconnect the battery.


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