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I have no clue where to begin. I knoe what i want, but i am unsure of whats legit or whats trash. Ive been looking everyone online and its a bit over whelming with what's on the market.

I have a white 2014 limited 4x4

To start i want to replace the front bumper with somethng that sticks out more and give, and make it more defined. Im a huge fan of the box look.

Im looking to replace the hood with a black carbon fiber hood, with scoop

I also want to find some flares that are a tad bit wider than what ive seen un the market.

Finally im also wanting a roof rack system if i decide not to utilize the sunroof.

I dont want to haphazardly buy junk thatll fall apart later

Also, ive been seeing a mix of reviewa, are cold air intakes worth it? And can i lift my compass 3" without issue?


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