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Hello, all, picked up a 2nd gen laser blue awd latitude last weekend. Has the cold weather group and 9 speed. I think that's it, lol. Loving the Android play feature!

Not my first compass, I had a 2011 sport awd w/manual trans.

Traded that for a great deal on a 2014 SRT Grand Cherokee, but I was tired of the high expenses on a car I basically city drive at 35 - 45 mph, stopping every mile (sometimes half mile, lol) for red lights. I'll drive somewhere for a half hour, get there, and Google maps says I did 21 mph average to go 10 miles. Just wasn't fun anymore. Plus, it opened up cash for another "toy" car. Probably waiting until next summer now.

I leased this car in hopes a hybrid wrangler will be available in 2 years. In hindsight, should have done 3 years since that seems to be my "cycle" to get my next daily driver.

As for the new Compass, so far a nice enough drive. Much smoother over the choppy Detroit roads and cruises the freeway on the weekends just fine. Issues, there was a buzz in the passenger door from the speaker, a quick yank fixed it, lol. Also have an appointment for Friday to replace the passenger headlight as it rained last Saturday when I picked it up and it's been fogged up since. Hopefully it won't take too long to swap out.

I'll be around.

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