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Hello I have a 2014 Compass sport with basic radio system I don't know a lot about this stuff so im asking u guys/gals what do I need to upgrade for better sound bass and all around my family with me alt and play all kind of music

1.Upgrade Speakers in doors
2.Do I need and amp what is an amp
3.what els do I need o do this
4.Want to change stero in future but not now but will take good infio

thank you for all he help im hoping u will give me

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You can go with an aftermarket Deck and then need this

Radio Wiring Wire Harness Aftermarket Stereo Installation CHR21 | eBay

The door speakers (4 of them) are 6x9, any decent 6x9 aftermarket speaker would work well. You'll notice better sound quality right away with these upgrades.

If you want something totally plug and play Mopar makes Kicker Brand audio upgrades for Patriot's and Compass' that are exactly that plug and play without any messing around, the down side is they are a bit more money than the method mentioned above.

You would need this amp

Mopar Kicker Amplifier Upgrade - Jeep Wrangler, Patriot & Compass - Item # 77KICK33, 77KICK37, & 77KICK47 #AmpUpgrade
And these speakers

Kicker Front 6x9 Speakers - Jeep Patriot & Compass - Item # 77KICK06 #77KICK06

The price is a lot, this route is the way to go if you want to keep everything factory looking, and is warranty approved.

I have the boston acoustics system in my jeep, and I did the amp upgrade (different amp than I listed above) and the sound got louder and was more clear.

Ultimately its up to you and how much you want to spend.
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