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greetings mates!
From Orange County California.
I picked up a 2012 compass sport 4x4 on sunday and took it to a nearby trail on tuesday (holy jim trail for you OC folks).

Im new to the Compass platform. Im new to the Jeep platform. My last 4x4 was a Range Rover which served my well for many years. I didnt dig the gas mileage so I ditched it as I wasnt wheelin anymore. Now, I need to go to my off-the-beaten-path shooting/camping spots while still maintaining a daily driver. From my Range Rover years, I barely even switched to 4x4 to most of the places I went so this time I opted for something that is "capable", high mpg, soccer mom-ish for my wife and kid to go shopping and the compass (the patriot was a close second) fit the bill.

I havent checked out the other forum sections but basically, just looking at the "potential" the compass has in 4x4.

also checking if there is a "compass club" in Southern California that I can tag along at first and join. You know, like minded compass owners to go wheelin.
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