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Hi to everyone.
Just to let everybody know that the Jeep Compass was launched in South Africa in March 2007. Only the Limited 4x4 is available with 5 speed manual,
CVTII auto, and a 2l 6 speed turbo diesel. Delivery is approx 12 weeks, and I have one on order. Looking foward to getting it. Good work on the forum, it makes interesting reading.
Best regards
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So thats why I have been waiting so long for my dealer to confirm my delivery of the Limited/5 speed I ordered end of March! :x
I bet an executive decision was made to send all the 5 speed limiteds they could pull from production to S.Africa :evil: :evil:
Sorry if we a causing any delays on the 5 speed. I am sure the Jeep of choice here is the 6 speed manual turbo diesel, although I've ordered the CVTII. All our cars are the right hand drive so I'm not sure of the manufacturing procedure. I hope your Jeep Compass arrives soon as I still have about a 2 month wait.
Best regards.
Hay - no hard feelings

Hay-No hard feelings. :)
Odd situation just the same, I waited 8 weeks for a Limited 5-speed to find out yesterday my car will be in-in two more weeks. Meanwhile we have the automatics on the lot.
You have to wait 12 weeks for the automatic while the 5-speed could be available sooner, or immediatly.
There was no 2007 diesel offered in Canada either, these only went overseas.
Myself, I have only owned standard trannies and would never think to go auto. I did drive both, the CVT was a nice and smooth ride so best of luck to you.
Meanwhile have you had a chance to read some of the automatic owners experiences?
You are correct, I think the delivery of the 5 speed is a not as long. I've been driving a Toyota 4x4 for the last 350000Km of which only 1500Km was on roads needed 4wd. I'm sure, on these roads, and looking at some of the videos, the Compass can handle them quite easily. With more and more stop signs in urban areas going up, I'm looking foward to a comfortable auto drive. Can't wait to get the Jeep Compass.
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