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Hi All,
Just a quick introduction of myself. I am new to the Jeep family now owning a 2013 Jeep Compass. I have just over 2000 miles on it so I am still getting to know it. Having purchased brand new and owning 2002 Ford Escape previously, I may be slightly biased. I am looking forward to seeing what others are saying about the Compass. So far the "dis-likes" are more troublesome than the "likes" are good. Probably should have driven it more than I did and maybe even shopped around more also before "signing on the line".

Most of all the Jeep engineers need to spend some time behind the wheel and experience the blind spots this model has from the drivers seat. I thought it was something I could get used to but it's not happening. When pulling up to an intersection the section that is directly next to the windshield, (I don't really know the proper term) left and right side presents a terrible blind spot for turning. Looking out the rear corners is just as bad.

Anyway I said just a short introduction so I'll go now and check out the rest of what is on this Forum and see if others find this and some of the other items I have noticed to be problematic.
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