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Hi All,
My name is JoAnne and I'm 34 married mom of two in MA.
Santa brought me a Compass (although I have to make the payments, lol). I drove one over the summer with the CVT (I think that's what the new tranny's are called), with the belt transmissions, and did not really care for it. I drove a Caliber with the CVT, didn't care for that either. I told them to call me when they got a stick in stock, they did. I drove it and loved it. I traded in my "05 Toyota Matrix for my steel blue Limited Compass, and I loved my Matrix :) I am not loving the Sirus radio, seeing I've had XM the last few years and will be buying the install kit and steering wheel radio control adapter to install my XM Pioneer.
So far I've picked up some mats (my Limited did not come with them, wtf!) and grill inserts. I'm eyeballing the bug shield and cargo mat, as well as plotting and planning where the amp and subwoofer will go.
So far I am very happy. I'm loving the extra weight and lack of road nice that I did not get from the Matrix. The gearing of course is very different from the Matrix so I am getting used to that. Love the heated seats and the auto dimming mirror also!
Very comfortable ride. I'm glad I didn't read to much into the internet geeks that don't have much better to do than slam the vehicle because of the bobblehead marketing or the fact that it's not a full size. Not everyone needs to drive a big truck. Hubby owns a "05 Dodge 1500 Quad Cab Hemi, we don't need another "truck".
Glad to find you all!
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