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New tires/spacers and roof rack.

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I just recently approached the "wimpy" stock stance by adding 1" spacers and Falken Wildpeak A/T 235/65 r17 tires. Just a little wider and more aggressive than the stock Falkens. I did this with the intention of taking it offroad. I fully understand the limitations of a Jeep Compass, and I am nowhere near thinking I can conquer everything out there. I've taken it through a creek near my house recently and it made that look pretty easy. I'm from Louisiana, so I ultimately just want to go hit muddy back roads and have fun, but still use it as my every day computer for work. With the tires and spacers I'm still getting pretty much the factory gas mileage so I can't complain with my upgrades. Just wanted to post. Thanks. View attachment 16995
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Looks awesome! That’s the setup I wanted to do but just went with the Falken Wildpeak AT Trail tires but still want to add spacers. Which did you buy and would you recommend?
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Thanks for the compliment. Your red and black looks super clean. Love it. Oh and I didn't specify, but these are the AT3 Ws btw. I went with the 1" spacers from Titan Wheel Accessories. Affordable and very good quality. Easy install, but one thing I didn't realize was that Jeep uses lug studs, so I had to order the low profile studs off Amazon so that I could get my wheels back on. I did the math, and a 1" spacer with the 235s was perfect to prevent any wheel rub at a full turn. I installed them in October and cannot complain one bit! It made such a big difference in giving it that aggressive stance I was looking for.
Thanks for the info! Very helpful!
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