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Hi all, new to Jeeps as I have been pretty much a VW man for my driving career so far, got bored of newer vws having so many plastic bits to fail and just being overpriced for what you get. Still in to my classic aircooled stuff though.

Stumbled across a 2011 Jeep Compass a short while back, liked the look of it, the space, the colour and Limited edition is quite nicely loaded and relatively good price for what you get, so thats what I drive

Over in the UK jeep stuff doesnt seem quite as abundant, seems the Cherokee model has always done quite well over here, my mate has one (90s model) that hes swapping axles on, lifting and doing the proper off road stuff to, me I just need a 'car' but some days something a bit more, something with space, something that can tow and thats a bit different.

Apparently this is the place to come for all things Jeep Compass :)
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