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Hi all, I introduced myself earlier on the forum but it turned out I replied to an older message. Silly me.
Anyhow, I'm Clay, a proud Compass or should I say, Jeep owner....

Bought it three months ago, no regrets so far, especially if you consider here in Belgium you hardly see these cars... Imagine this; last month Jeep sold 25 cars in Belgium. Their record must be something like 92 cars sometime last year (april or so)...Its' nice to belong to the happy few:eyebrows:

Picture of my Baby-Jeep is attached. 2013 S-Limited edition, Bright white, 2.2 diesel (it's actually a Mercedes engine, what a surprise) Six speed manual, Navigation, Boston acoustics, heated leather seats, full Voice controlled bluetooth enabled comms (it really works:hyper:), Automatic climate control, full option actually, I just didn't have the sunroof. A dream come through!


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