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NoFuse light and blown speakers in Bulgaria

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I have a 2007 Compass in Bulgaria with 23,000 miles (originally purchased in Wisconsin).

3 of 4 factory speakers have blown (I don't crank the volume ever). And, when driving over bumpy road, my stereo momentarily conks out.

In addition, I often get a noFuse light and lose interior lighting and stereo momentarily.

Doesn't seem right for a newish car! I had the fuses checked. Should I change them out anyway. As I'm in Bulgaria, not sure the local Jeep dealership will help me, as I think I've voided my warranty by taking the vehicle overseas.

Also, last but not least, is it normal for the car to make a rapid clicking noise after I park. I noticed this when I get out of the car, it clicks for a good 5 minutes after shutoff.

Thoughts, comments? Anyone else have these type issues? Thanks in advance!
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I'm not sure about the stereo and speakers. I would try changing the fuses anyhow, it cant hurt. As for the clicking noise it is most likely just the exhaust pipes cooling. They will make a clicking/popping type noise as the metal cools.
Sounds like an electrical short(s) to me that could account for all of the problems. Has your engine ever been really wet? Maybe in the shipping from the U.S.?
Check the ground wire from the neg battery terminal. If that is loose, corroded or shorted at all, that can cause that to happen. I had a similar problem in my old Cherokee. I kept changing fuses and relays for 6 months until I wiggled the ground wire and found it was corroded. I cleaned it, re-terminated it and never had any problems with it again.
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going out to check the battery connections. Will report back.
And welcome to JC Forum, sort out these troubles and you are sure to be very happy with the ride.
It is so nice to get a new member from eastern Europe with a Jeep Compass.
I2 said :
It is so nice to get a new member from eastern Europe with a Jeep Compass.
Indeed it's nice and soooooooooooooooooo rare too !!!!

Welcome and enjoy!
What's this? A real member from overseas? Hopefully you stick around, it would prove interesting to see what things are like over there.
hey thanks for the words, i haven't had time to post, bulgaria is an excellent place to have a compass, rugged country and expensive gas = good fit for this car.

unfortunately, i have 3 out of 4 speakers blown, and radio will go out completely at random (noFuse). i've checked/replaced the fuses, and am at a loss. i'm one of those guys that never cranks music too loud. i just think there is something shoddy with the speakers (which i can live with, they are the cheapo ones), but the radio shouldn't crap out.

puzzled in sofia...
Well my guess would be that your speakers arent blown at all and that the problem is in the head unit itself. That wold be the first place that I would check.
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