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Commercial tend to seal the seal, delayed crack oil seal and various forms of labyrinth seal. Because of delay, in addition to commercial resin lubricating oil, seal the seal space use. In order to improve the reliability, can be seized seals.
Given during sales containing asbestos brake lining seal, in addition to SKF Bearings lubricating oil, there is no other, so the sale and use is not sealed long time won't appear the latter is obvious, the temperature can be applied to one of the highest rates of countries. But at the same time, otherwise can not seal the negative impact of seal.
Flow field of the commercial seal:
1: simple structure, in line with the general conditions during the seals. Choose d E space 50 mm or less, E = 0.25 to 0.4 mm; (d), (E) 50 mm > = 0.25 to 60 mm.
2: after packing in GouCao blubber GouCao selectivity, reservoir and dust problems in two forms. The convention article 3 of the general, groove. Trough extensive b = 3-5 mm to 5 mm depth; T = 4 ~.
3. Winding path: when the labyrinth seal detours filling fat, more than GouCao seals seal. Labyrinth seal and can be divided into two forms. A choice and in 50 mm: d = less than 0.20 to 0.20 mm, b = 1.0 ~ 150 mm; D = 50 ~ 200 mm, a = 0.5 mm, 0.5 b = 150 ~ 2.0 mm.
4. Inclined to walk, is sealed axis of a maze of detours. The center can be tilted oblique detours labyrinth seal release could reach a better fat storage.
5. Steel stamping stamping labyrinth seal, seal of the only steel stamping double cover steel cooperation, or don't need to shell rotation deadlock. When pressing tablets steel labyrinth detours to release fat sealing and bigger.
6. Waste oil: delayed gas, oil, seal, or GouCao hills gap can claim for oil, take along with KongLiu oil covering the tone of the oil. Can also be used in a cooking oil in turn clingy content often seal gap are used together.
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