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Hello all. Hope you can help. Recently obtained a 2007 Compass with the 2.4L for my son. Seemed very solid and well maintained. Initially had a very weak battery and had to boost it a few times with it's big brother Jeep Wrangler. We had been getting the P0171 and the p2004 code. So running a little lean, possible o2 sensor and maybe an intake manifold runner control module to look at... replaced the battery and have not had the cel come on since.
But now the the little guy stalls out when backing out of the driveway after it has been sitting overnight, and really smells like gas when we start it up as well..
I'm very familiar with my Wrangler, and can trouble shoot it quite easily, but I'm quite new to the Compass, and could use some suggestions..
Does this sound like it could be the fuel pump, or do these things have seperate fuel filters that could be clogged? Or do you think it could relate back to the IMRC or O2 sensors of the previous CEL's that have not returned? Its sitting at around 141000 kms or roughly 88000 miles on the OD.
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