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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to install the OEM tow lighting harness that came with my 2011 Compass from the dealer. The kit is part # 68082800AA and I believe it's the one supplied with the tow prep package. It looks like it installs between connectors in the tail lighting group, but mine didn't come with any installation diagrams or instructions whatsoever.

Searching this and some other forums and google I can only find the installation guide for the installation guide: K6859367AB which I believe corresponds to the wiring harness: 82209280 which I think runs all the way to the engine compartment.

Does anyone have the installation guide number so I can try searching for that online? I've even tried pulling the guide number off the ebay listing pictures of the 800AA harnesses but they are never high resolution enough.

I'm sure in a pinch I can figure it out, but I'd rather have the guide if possible.


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