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Hello all.

My name is Rick and I am from Punxsutawney Pennsylvania.
Yes there really is a Groundhog named Phil here.

My Compass is 10 years old and and often requires a good bit of work to keep it roadworthy.
Working on it has become kind of a hobby.

I used to have a 2011 Compass that I bought new.
Then one day my wife decided we didn't need two Compasses as much as she needed a
Town and Country van.

Seating for 7
DVD player
Bluetooth everyting

2 old people and a dog

OK I get it..............

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Welcome! Your family sounds a lot like us. Two old people, but our cat just died at 21. Wife says no more cats after that one. Another one could outlive us and I will not give it the satisfaction!

I hope you find a way to keep your old Compass on the road. I got almost 300,000 out of my Patriot (sister to the Compass) and aside from 2 transmissions replaced under warranty, it was pretty trouble-free. Honestly I miss it, but I definitely appreciate the fuel economy my new Compass gets.

I like your avatar.
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