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Hi friends,
I am a new 2008 Compass Rallye, 2.4, owner and i have been trying to recognize my car day by day.
But I have a problem lately. Routine 10.000 km care has just been done and after that, opposed to what i think, average fuel consumption has increased sharply (from 12 L/km to 16 L/km). This is not first routine check for me but this comes as a great shock for me. Moreover, the power of and the traction of the car isn't same according to previous situation, it has decreased. I couldn't solve it anyway but I have doubts about the air filter. It was given to me as original but ı think it isn't.
Can a friend here help me about the original filter trademarks for this car? It is hard find answer to this in my country and city(Turkey, Ankara).
Thanks in advance
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