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Looking for a little help and direction as having an intermittent problem.

On days above +1 degrees my 2011 Jeep Compass is going into limp mode caused by the OBII code P0722 "Output Speed Sensor No Signal"

I have had the vehicle into Jeep 2x with them replacing part last time time but the problem intermittently comes back when warm again. This also happens if I drive the car and let it sit warm and then drive it again within a short interval.

So far the Output Speed Sensor was replaced and they did continuity testing on the wireing. Each time I tow it to jeep it's an over 200 km tow and is inconvienient to get back.

The shop said it is impractical to replace the wiring and refered me to sales. Wondering if anyone has the wiring diagram for the PCM to the output speed sensor for this model and if anyone has had similar issues.

Of note in case there is any other symptoms that may be of value.
-Does not matter what speed you are going when it goes into limp.
-Shifting works as it should in manual mode (unless it has already tripped trouble code. Then is stuck in limp)
  • Is very temperature sensitive and works in cold weather
  • has 201000 km on engine and transmission
  • sometimes limp locks out in first gear or in 4th gear
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