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having a real problem with Jeep/Chrysler finding a part for my 2007 Compass. I am sure I will find a reference to the exact same issue in past threads. If you can help with specific past or current threads please do...
2007 Jeep Compass 2.4L 4WD
pulled code that identified Crankshaft Position Sensor (no, not camshaft pos sensor). IRF (independant repair facility) ordered replacement from Advance Auto and turned out not a match to my part. Jeep part # 5033307AC. My part has a 90degree bend on the connector so it will clear other stuff. the connector is also 90 degree off from the bracket hole that the bolt goes through. see attachment. Note that the sensor if you care to look it up, is close but not quite a match as this is a UK part? Chrysler engineering/quality told the local Chrysler dealership that some of the 2007 model year used the camshaft position sensor interchangeably (#5033308AB), that is incorrect because when my IRF received that part, it did not fit as the depth was wrong and the connector was in the wrong position to make a connection. It's been two+ weeks.
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