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Plastic and sound amplification and management methods are rolling bearing sharp metal friction in all cases, mainly in the grease lubricated bearing, large oil lubrication performance deterioration occurs mainly in oil almost does not occur.
First of all, the impact roller, and voice control method or model of the large cylinder bearing radial load under pure rolling at low speed, the ball bearing as the body without me in loading centrifugal separator or shock, roller path send noise. But as the speed increases, the sound disappeared.FAG bearing unique features
Secondly, from the lawn acoustics, sound and plastic lawn management when flat rolling bearing roller in their path, how smooth continuous sound, all cases are mainly voice. Unique bearing general bearing voice is the voice of the racecourse, combined with other sounds. Ball bearing, the racecourse sound frequency is wrong, in the above 1000 hz frequency and speed change is not true, but the sound pressure level increases, accelerate the turnover.
Horse voice big plastic bearings, lawn audio sound pressure level to reduce the viscosity of growth path; Sound small bearings, the sound pressure level increasing viscosity is about more than 20 was/s. Big pillow, stiffness ratio dropped sound path. As the radial clearance is too small, the lawn audio sound pressure level and the main frequency would decrease as the radial clearance increases sharply, if you don't want this there is sound, the best way is power off, ha ha, in fact, we can use some measures to try to reduce the bearing noise control roughly bearing noise influence, must according to these causes of noise in the effect of the reaction is thoroughly.
In addition, in the winter, when there is lighter, when the plastic bearing radial load, radial clearance miracle, light type, size, and the particular speed range, is easy to occur, continuous interruptions. Outer ring raceway take special treatment can prevent a voice, when it is necessary to choose this kind of bearings, bearing radial clearance, or appropriate to reduce the use of high performance, improve the lubrication bearing rigid institutions.
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