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2007 Jeep Compass Sport, 2.4L
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Hello All,

2007 Jeep Compass Sport 2.4L, 178,000 miles

Let me begin by saying thank you to anyone who tries to help me with this. Between myself and my mechanic (who has been able to fix any issue I've ever brought him with any vehicle) we have not been able to fix this.

Issue 1: Air conditioner only blows REALLY cold when you are driving down the road.
Issue 2: There is a vibration when in drive and at idle. Vibration does not happen when in park, neutral, or reverse.
Issue 3: While at idle, (red light, stop sign, drive thru, it doesn't matter) it acts like it wants to die but not so much so that it actually does. The RPMs do fluctuate low when it does
this and when you hit the gas it hesitates a couple of times as you're going. When you're actually driving, there is no issue.
Issue 4: Not throwing any codes. At all. None.

Steps taken so far to repair:

1: Motor mounts replaced
2: Spark plugs and coil packs replaced (gapped as they should be)
3: Air filters replaced at every oil change and bought new ones and replaced them just in case.
4: Throttle body removed, cleaned, and replaced.
5: Fuel injector cleaner added to full tank and driven to empty.

And yes, I'm aware what's been done is the bare minimum so please don't judge. We have not done any more than that because we are both absolutely flummoxed as to what could be causing it without a code being thrown. He said at this point it is just a guess, check, and replace until we've found the issue. Hence why I am here. I would like the opinions of people smarter than me so that as we are doing the guess, check, and replace I'm not spending a ton of money on things that may not be an actual issue.

Again, thank you to everyone who tries to help. I know without it throwing a code it's going to be a huge guessing game.

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I don't know how bad your problem is. Of course I haven't driven your vehicle, so I can only guess. It seems to me that most of what you say is "normal." I hate to sound like a dealer dodging a warranty claim, but . . .

Issue 1: At low RPMs the AC compressor is turning quite slowly compared to driving down the highway. It will perform better at highway speeds because it is turning 2-3x faster. This is true of all cars.

Issue 2: Every automatic transmission I've ever driven tends to struggle when idling in Drive. I've owned about 25 cars in my life, probably 15 of them were automatics. The engine is at its weakest point at idle. It's only running to keep itself going. When you put a load on it, it's going to struggle. Add to it the fact that the first generation Compass (and siblings) were noted for hoods that shook at idle. This probably accents the normal shaking of an engine in Drive while idling.

Issue 3: This might be your only clue that will get us somewhere. Maybe your injectors need more than cleaning. Maybe it's time to replace them. That would be my guess. At 178,000 miles, this isn't surprising -- maybe a tad early, but not surprising. I had an Oldsmobile that needed new injectors before 100,000 miles. My Dad's Chrysler needed new injectors at 140,000. On the other hand my Pontiac got to 250,000 on the original injectors and my 2008 Patriot made it to 275,000 on the original injectors. My 2014 Patriot is still on its originals at 185,000. Obviously injector life varies from car to car, maybe related to the gasoline you're using. Your problem may not be bad enough to throw a code . . . yet. But it may. That would take the guesswork out of it.

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You happen to have an audio. That may help. I can add that on my one vehicle a fuel injector cleaning was advised at a 100000. If I recall it was about 150 several years ago. If
It has been run out or very low on gas a lot of dirt can be sucked in from the bottom of the tank. The pour in cleaner really does not help in these instances.
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