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2010 compass sport 2.4. 78K MILES

All of what I'm about to list works perfect if i simply disconnect battery for 3-5 seconds and reconnect it. BUT if i shut the key ALL THE WAY OFF for about 1 minute the problem comes right back. If i run in a place and i turn the ignition just back to accessory it prevents it from happening but this will only get you by until battery runs down AND IS PROBABLY NOT THE SMARTEST THING TO DO.

dash cluster not working (none of it, speedo, tach, fuel, temp, mileage)

shifter won't come out of park

dome light not working when u open doors

overhead console lights not working (push button ones by rear view mirror)

door chime not working

turn signals not working

Head lights work BUT will not change from bright to dim

My compass will still drive with all this going on if i simply push the "over ride lever for the shifter"

DEALERSHIP charged me $108 today just to tell me they THINK its just my gauge cluster and wants $850 for a new one. I find it hard to believe that it is also causing all of these other issues. To me it seems like its something more than a cluster causing all of this. If anyone can help i would greatly appreciate it.
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