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Got a great deal on a 2014 drivers door interior panel with remote entry and power windows; so I'm changing over my manual windows, trim etc to the electric version. Also changing the regulator (no problem), but as I am just about to button up the door, it seems JEEP has changed a wiring connector and colors. In particular, the "Pressure Sensor" (apparently used with the air bags) has a connection that does not mate to the 2014 wiring.

1. My 2015 Sport has a 2 pin plug, maybe 18g wiring, blue and light green/green colors.

2. The 2014 door panel wiring has a similar but incompatible 2 prong connector, but the wires are at least 14G, and they are orange/blue and orange black.

3. I did not know the door panel I purchased would have the wiring (long story..) so I had also purchased a 2015 Sport door wiring harness, WITH electrics. That wiring has the same non-compatible connector, but the colors have been changed to orange/white and orange/green. NOTE: I ordered the part from MOPAR direct, specifying the 2.4L engine.


I'm ok with cutting the connector off the stock 2015 door harness, then cutting off the incompatible connector and splicing it in. But I have no idea what the wire connections should be.

Based upon my existing pressure sensor wiring in (1) above and using the wiring on the 2014 door panel (2 above) do I splice blue to orange/blue? Or Blue to orange/black?

I just don't know if this sensor is polarity dependent or not; being air bag related, I don;'t really want to bugger this up...

What a pita... :mad:

Anybody have the answer?


Here's the part. It is not even listed as a Jeep part, but Chrysler:

Located here, upper right:

Detailed pic:

Incompatible connectors:

All that said... why is there a pressure sensor for an air bag? I thought these were deployed on impact - sudden g-force, BOOM! At any rate... why put it in a door???


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Problem solved - kind of.
First - Jeep part numbers suck. The same part number can refer to at least a couple incompatible parts.:mad:

The different connectors was easy once I spent some more time. The larger connector with the heavier wire is for the window crank motor - duh. The problem is that the door panel I purchased did not have the "Air Pressure Sensor" wiring connection; and I ...assumed... the connector was for the sensor.

The Jeep Parts guy also confirmed that the pressure sensor is indeed a part on the Compass; he thought it was for the side airbag, but was unsure. Say what??? I am guessing he has a different Mopar parts site than the online version; because the part number does not even show up on the Compass - nor is it in any pics of related systems that I could find. If anybody happens to have a 2015 Service CD, it would be interesting to see if it showed up in there.

Now for the Mopar parts system snafu...:spinning:

My 2015 Sport (manual windows, door locks, and mirrors) has a part number ON THE HARNESS of P68241088AA. This part number is not even listed on the Mopar site:

Per Mopar, the correct number for this part # is 68241080AA - #18 below.

Strangely enough... this is the SAME part # specified for a 2015 Lattitude, with STANDARD power windows and mirrors, and keyless entry. And this is the wiring harness I ordered.

So Mopar has the same part number for the Sport and the Latitude left door wiring harness, although they are totally different.

Unfortunately, what I received would not even work on the Latitude; although the part number is correct. It has the pressure sensor wiring, and the door window motor wiring; but it does NOT have the power mirror or door lock wiring connectors.

Say WTF?

After a bit of digging by talking to my friendly (not so much, really) Jeep dealer parts guy, it looks like when you order that part number you have to ALSO specify the "application". The "application" being the vehicle VIN".

Call me ignorant ( apparently), but when I grew up, a part number was a unique identifier for a specific part. JHC.

So. I am so far into this I can't stop now :think:.

A request: Could anybody with 2015 Compass Latitude, with the 2.4L engine, 6 speed auto, and power mirrors/windows/keyless entry kindly provide me a VIN (PM is fine) so I can order the correct drivers door wiring harness?

Or if anyone on the forum happens to know the wiring harness number ACTUALLY PRINTED ON THE HARNESS with a Compass with these criteria, it would be appreciated as well.

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