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Since I just bought a Compass, I joined this website. :lol: It has nearly identical user interface to Durango Owner's Club website.

One of best attributes of these forums is the ability to access quick information that others have gathered on modifications, performance, and general maintenance.

I recommend a link to since the Caliber & Compass share the same platform & therefore components & mods.

I also recommend a general page of quick-tips be included off the "home" page (like the Lock/Unlock page) with a list of part numbers & stats: VIN # decoding, air filter & dimension, oil filter, wiper size, oil capacity & type, fuel capacity, sensors, light bulbs, CVT2 fluid type & capacity, possible rim/tire size combinations that fit, and so on.

Also, there is a fantastic article on CVT's that I think should be posted in a common area While there is no torque converter and no gears/clutches to replace :D , I think the dealership says there are fluids to be changed in the CVT - hence the CVT dipstick in the engine bay that has a Chrysler stick that says "Do Not Touch - take to dealership". :?
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