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Howdy all! It's been a while since I posted here so I thought I'd drop an update and ask a question, too.

I've had my 2007 Sport since new, bought 12/26/2007 and I don't know why, but I've loved the little POS but that love is fading...

You name it and I've dealt with it. Let's reminisce.
  • 3/2009
    • 4 tires (same as OEM junk)
  • 4/2012
    • front control arms - 1st set - Moog Problem Solvers - Ball joints were great, the hole in the arms wollared out.
    • 4 wheel alignment
  • 5/2012
    • front control arms - 2nd set - Dorman - JUNK! Partsgeek wouldn't warranty them. Contacted Dorman new ones showed up THE NEXT MORNING!!
    • 4 wheel alignment
  • 9/2013
    • front brakes
    • front rotors
    • rear brakes
    • rear rotors
    • 4 tires (same as OEM junk)
  • 5/2015
    • front control arms - 3rd set - Dorman - STILL JUNK! Didn't bother asking for another set...lasted 4 months
    • 4 wheel alignment
  • 9/2015
    • front control arms - 4th set - Mevotech - Lasted 4 years
    • inner tie rods
    • outer tie rods
    • sway bar end links
    • sway bar bushings
    • front struts - Never were right from day 1 - Front sat 2" higher than back but I dealt with it
    • 4 wheel alignment (5 year warranty version from NTB - best $225 I've ever spent!)
    • 4 tires (same as OEM junk)
  • 7/2016
    • blower motor
  • 9/2017
    • new transmission (warranty replacement at 99,876 miles - gotta LOVE that LIFETIME powertrain warranty)
    • driver side CV shaft (warranty replacement at 99,876 miles - gotta LOVE that LIFETIME powertrain warranty)
    • clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing, flywheel (had it done while they were in there already, just for good measure)
    • oil pan gasket (warranty replacement at 99,876 miles - gotta LOVE that LIFETIME powertrain warranty)
    • intake manifold (warranty replacement at 99,876 miles - gotta LOVE that LIFETIME powertrain warranty)
    • (5 year warranty version from NTB - best $225 I've ever spent!)
    • 4 tires (finally wised up and stopped buying OEM junk - Sumitomo 90,000 mile warranty - should have gotten them the first time!)
  • 10/2018
    • battery (OEM lasted a LONG time!)
  • 12/2019
    • front control arms - 5th set - Finally popped for "the good stuff" and got Moog
    • front struts
    • rear struts/shocks
    • front sway bar end links
    • rear sway bar end links
    • (5 year warranty version from NTB - best $225 I've ever spent!)
  • 4/2020
    • front brakes
    • front rotors
    • rear brakes
    • rear rotors
    • driver side rear caliper
    • front subframe
    • 3rd driver side CV axle
    • (5 year warranty version from NTB - best $225 I've ever spent!)
  • 6/2020
    • AC evaporator core
    • heater core
    • AC accumulator
    • cabin air filter (never installed from factory)
    • spark plugs
    • air filter
    • front lower motor/trans mount
    • front subframe support
All the while, chasing front end clunk, bang, rattle, squeaks, popping... STILL have some sort of noise passenger front - NTB said that the front subframe support was bent and allowing the trans to hit. It was a little bent but the noise didn't go away!!!!

The AC had been out for a few years but I was able to limp it along with once a year recharge in the Summer. I suspected it was the evap core because there was a smell after recharge every time. For good measure and due diligence I put the dye in and used the UV light/glasses looking for leak under the hood, but nope! Bought the Harbor Freight sniffer, nothing inside or out. Took a gamble on the evap core.

JESUS!!!!!! Who the hell designs a car that has to have THE ENTIRE dashboard out to change an evap and/or heater core?!?!?!?! All told the job took about 12 hours including breaking the air box into pieces and reassembling. So far so good but I only finished earlier today. Got a quote of $1700 and now I know why! Replaced heater core while I was in there...

In December I repaired a large rust hole in the passenger rear wheel arch and rear bumper damage caused by a nephew. I think it came out pretty good for my first attempt at REAL body work. I'll include pictures. You might notice that I got all the way finished and then stripped it back down. I didn't like the Duplicolor rattle can color match, so I bought PPG urethane to cover over it. Bad idea, it totally attacked the initial finish all the way down to primer. Yay, more paint experience, right? I still enjoyed it and it makes me want to fix and paint the rest of the car, but I'm NOT.



Now the question?

The front lower motor/trans mount, the one that bolts to the sub frame support - I didn't pay attention when I pulled the old stuff and when I went to put the new ones in I noticed that the hole in the mount that bolts through the engine-side bracket is like 1.5 times bigger than the bolt diameter. At first I thought the new one was wrong but it's the same as the old one. I don't remember there being a sleeve or spacer, so it looks like the thing should be able to bounce up and down like 1/2" on the bolt. Is this right? Is it just supposed to be a "friction" fit holding the thing centered? Seems weird to me, but it's a first year Compass, so maybe it's just par for the course.

Anyway, I know this has been long, maybe I'm just venting? Once I have the front end noise settled, it's going bye-bye! I actually had it sold to a local college girl but once I realized what it would take to fix the AC I told her she couldn't have it. LOL! I just couldn't stand the idea of pawing that massive repair bill off on her, ya know?

I have no idea why I've spent so much time and money on the little f***er, I just have always loved it, but it's time for someone else to experience Jeep Compass love...

Thanks for reading this, if you made it here.

Oh, yeah, I also made a custom dash mod to install a 10" LG tablet as the head unit. Picture...


The rest of the body work pictures.


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Nice job on the rust repair work. I see that the weather on the tablet is from Chesterfield - do you live in the St. Louis area, by chance? I work in downtown St. Louis but live in Illinois.
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