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Really Noisy Brakes

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Does anyone else have REALLY noisy brakes? For the last month or two, the brakes have been very loud (and embarrassing) when applying the brakes when backing up. And we back into our garage daily so it's a daily occurrance. The sound is loud and it seems as though the sound is transferring throughout the body structure.

Has anyone else experienced noisy brakes?
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Ouch that dosn't sound good :-(
I'm only at 2700kms, but have not experienced any noises like the ones you are describing. I would get it into your dealer ASAP to find out what's causing it.
Keep us up to speed about what happens, or the cause if you find it.
I called the dealer today. I couldn't get it in before Tuesday next week. That's 8 days away. With my previous Ford, I could always get in the next day. Hmmm... not a good sign.
Do you not have any other dealers you could go too? I hope your issue is just with your dealer and not all the jeep dealers??

And yes that is not a good sign.

As with your Ford I had a Mazda(almost the same as ford) needless to say I had to take it to the shop often, one day I was comming home and when I was waiting at a stop light the break foot pettle starting going all the way to the floorboard, so I stopped at Mazda on the way home, they took it and the next day I got it back with a new brake master cylinder. Anyway I do have to give Mazda credit for their service.
Well the dealer drove the Compass around a bit today and didn't hear a thing. So they drove around a bit more and then they heard it. Wow, they got a surprise. It is so LOUD.

Apparently they sanded the pads by hand...?? Never heard of that before, but whatever. We'll see if that fixes the problem. If not, hopefully they'll just replace the brakes.

Since my mileage has gone down considerably recently, I'm thinking that the rear brakes might be dragging a bit and decreasing the mileage. We'll see what happens. I'll keep you folks in the loop.
RE: Noisy Breaks

Wow I thought it was only me....I am having the exact same problem when I am reversing.
At first I thought it may have been because it was so cold out but the noise just seems to be getting louder.
I reverse out of my driveway every morning and I can't describe the noise, it's not a squeaking noise it's just loud and affects the whole vehicle.
I am planning on taking it into the dealer sometime next week.
FYI there has been a re-call announcement on failure of a computer that controls the brakes, causing a loss of anti-lock and brake distribution systems, traction control and speedometer
check out this link: ... /index.htm
noisy brakes

I experienced the noisy brakes while backing up too ... so when I took my Compass in for its oil change today I asked the service folks to take a look at it.

They took apart all of the brakes, cleaned them, and reinstalled them. The service mgr explained that the Compass has metallic brake pads and the noise came from that.

All covered under warranty.

And they washed the car too! Not too shabby for 20 bucks.
Well are brakes are noisy again. Not quite as loud as before, but they are certainly noticeable again. :evil:
Noisy Breaks

Well I went into my dealer last Wednesday for an oil change and to have my tires rotated as I am at 10,000 km. As well, I noticed that when my wind shield wash runs out there is no indication of that, I was thinking it would show up on the front panel with everything else. I was told it does not have this feature.
I inquired about the breaks and explained it is really noisy when I reverse, the service guy told me that is common in Chrysler and Jeep vehicles but they would check it. They claim to have checked my breaks and said everything was okay but I am thinking I might go somewhere else just to have them checked and if there is something wrong I am going back to Jeep with a vengance.
I have never heard of breaks making such a noise and it being a common problem, it is annoying and very emberassing.
moaning brakes!

Well, my brakes in the rear moan loudly in reverse, and have done so for several months. The dealer inspected them, said all was normal, slapped on some Teflon, and that fixed it for about two weeks, before the noise started up again. Now, however, I have noticed a similar sound at low speeds in forward, going uphill! Any feedback? I'm ashamed to have passengers, since they all comment on these squeaks, squeals, and moans! :oops:
Well it's been over a year since my last post in this thread. My brakes are still noisy when backing up. They're noisy most often after the Jeep has been sitting for a while. It doesn't matter the temperature.

I'll tell you it's certainly embarrassing! I now ALWAYS back the Jeep into the garage so that when I leave in the morning the noise doesn't wake up the neighbours.

I've had it in the shop 3 times for the noisy brakes and they're still noisy. They say it's "normal". I've had two vehicles (both FORD) with rear disc brakes and they didn't do that.

I've honestly had thoughts of getting rid of the Compass in part due to the noisy brakes!! I've pretty much given up on the dealer, maybe I can get them to replace the pads or rotors or both someday? I don't know.
Backyard mechanic....

In years past, metallic pads had a tendency to vibrate if the leading edge was straight. The solution was to bevel the leading and trailing edges of the pads. This is all that is probably needed. See if you can get a local shop to "edge" the pads. The angle is something I am not sure about. Check with the local Chrysler/Dodge dealer...

Glazed rotors or pads can cause noise. The sanding would quiet this...

Oh and one other thing, if the emergency brake is not fully releasing, or the brake is not retracting properly, you will also get loud noises in reverse.

Did you have the brake fluid changed?

Check on the Caliber forum for the same thing and see if there are any recommendations...(Post them here if there are ...)
I have the same squeal from my rear passenger wheel. Only in reverse and only after the car has been sitting overnight, or all day while I am at work. Kinda embarrassing when I have passengers tho.

I thought they might be flash rusting during the day and that is causing the squeal when they first get applied.

My wife had a Chevy that chirped down the road, and despite the dealer sanding the pads and rotors repeatedly, the problem never was resolved, until I broke down and just replaced the pads and rotors for her. The problem never came back for the final 2 years of the lease.
(GM only warranties the brakes for 1 yr or 18,000km, I dunno what Chrysler does)
I had this same problem with my neon. I wish I had read this post before to tell you.

Let me guess it's ONLY the back brakes?

On my neon the e-brake handle had adjustment screws. Apparently when they installed the e-brake the bolts holding it down they were not tightened. This caused the e-brake to not release fully and the brakes drag slightly.

Have the dealer make sure the e-brake is fully released and the cables are not hung up on anything.
My mileage is close to normal so I don't think there's any drag anymore (like I said earlier). Yes the noise is only on the rear brakes. I can understand a little bit of rust from sitting but why would it do it every day and not do that on the fronts?

I don't use the parking brake very often but I did have it on once about 2-3 weeks ago.
I use the parking brake every day. The brakes would wear from the drag but when you hit the brake they auto-adjust. Check your back calipers and see if they're overly polished (from drag).

It doesn't need to drag that much to cause the noise. The sound goes away at higher speed, because the vibration (whch causes the noise) only happens when the drag is slow enough. It's kind of like dragging you hand across a table to make a squeeking noise. You don't do it fast cause there is no noise, you do it slow.

Next time you are at an intersection and a semi pulls up beside you. Listen to the sound the brakes make. It's more than likely very similar to the sounds that your Compass is making. The brakes are dragging against the drums in the back, slowly slowing the truck and trailer down. When one of the slack adjusters on the brakes aren't adjusted properly you'll get a loud squeeling noise, very much sounding like metal on metal.

All in all, its more than likely the brake pad dragging against the caliper which is not normal, regardless what the dealer said (kind of like the leaking sunroof, do you notice a trend). It could be too much brake fluid in the system causing pressure and thus applying the brake, but then I think it would be all the brakes not just the back ones.
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I use the parking brake all the time. Have on all my cars. It solves the problem of them freezing up. I do seem to recall having a problem with the parking brake adjustment on another car but in that case it was the burnt metal smell and lower fuel economy.

Check you brake lines under the car and make sure one of them is not kinked. This thought crossed my mind when I remembered how the lines are run under the car....
Oh, wow! Finally, I feel like I am not a crazy woman. My brakes have squeaked since about a month after purchasing my Jeep Compass. I thought it was due to cold, but, in the hot Texas heat, the brakes still squeak. We took it back to the Jeep dealer where we bought it for a service check. They found nothing wrong. It did squeak loudly for them, but they, apparently, weren't skilled enough to fix it. (The dealer is 200 miles from us, so this is not a convenient service call.) Before long, I plan to take my Compass to a closer dealer and see if they can figure it out. I hope their service department is nicer than the one in San Antonio. I never want to go back to that place...but that's for another forum :roll:
Yes!!! My car has the same problem - it started right after I purchased it. I had it into the service center several times and they machined my rotors, but that didn't fix it. It IS embarrassing too. I have problems with the left front strut and the steering wheel as well. The service place doesn't know what it is and they keep guessing and not fixing I'm taking it to a new place on Monday.
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