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Hi all,

Hope everyone is doing well.

A few months ago, my father bought a bicycle, to which I ended up picking up at some guy's house.

Long story short:

The bicycle was a BMX bike with front and rear pegs, and I was too big of an idiot to not load the bike into the trunk myself, but let someone else do it while I "made-the-deal".

One of the pegs hit the bumper protector (the plastic/rubber-like-cover) and it just destroyed the corner. See pics below.

I have looked into replacing the entire piece and it seems to retail for around $70. Even with having the money to replace it, I feel as though it's completely livable leaving it with how it is. $70 bucks to fix something that's an inch long isn't worth it in my eyes.

I would like to know if there is anything I can do at home/myself to possibly fix it?

Looking forward to hearing from ya'll.

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