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I have a rear sound from a while (from the left side i think)

the sound is like something rotating. If you speed up, sound increases frequency. If you go over 100km/h sound becomes as a permanent sound quite loud.

I already:

- Replace the the bearing assembly in the left side, sound still there
- Rotate the wheels, sound still there.
- Maintain the breaks and change all break pads. sound still there.
- Replace the rear oil transmision box (here the level was quite low). Sound still there.

I dont know what else to do????

Any suggestion???

can be the shock absober?? i dont think so but im getting nervous.

or change the other bearing?

What about the tripod bearings? or maybe can be the rear transmission?

How to troubleshoot??

I live in a little city mechanics looks more like a carpenters. i had to go to the big city 3 hours from here.

any suggestion please send it

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More than easy......

after thousands of checks,

What happend is that the rear right bearing was wearn out. The shop replaced it with a timken one, and now every thing is ok.

Now i understand that my ear is not good enough because i change the left bearing, and that was not the bad one. Now my both rear bearings are new.

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