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Today I changed the lower transmission mount. I guess it is also called a motor mount. I call it transmission mount only because the main bracket itself is bolted to the transmission housing with three fasteners. This mount is located near the driver side(behind the tranny). There is also an upper transmission mount on the driver side. I did not replace that but I will be inspecting it next week.

It was not difficult, only took about a couple of hours... wasn't in a hurry but I wanted to do everything right as this is my first time to change this mount.

The mount itself has three bolts which is used to fasten to the subframe. The important thing is that you have the right tools.

The tools I used:
1. 18" Beaker bar
2. 3 piece Ratchet wrench extenders
3. 16mm socket for the mount itself
4. 17mm socket for the bracket fasteners
5. Ratchet wrench handle
6. Socket swivel joint
7. Old Blanket (No I did not go to sleep. I used it to cover the front of the jeep and the top of the engine)
8. Small 2.5 ton floor jack to help move the tranny slightly up (about 10mm)

How I did it:
1. Removed engine cover
2. Removed Air filter box
3. Removed two mount fasteners (accessed from the top and using extenders + swivel joint)
Removed the horizontal bolt connecting the mount to the bracket (16mm)
4. Raised the car with its own scissor jack and rested the chassis on jack stand.
5. Removed the mount bracket (3 17mm bolts fastened to the tranny case)
6. Pulled out the bracket.
7. Removed the last fastener from the mount accessed from the top.(Can be removed also with 16mm wrench accessed from below)
8. Removed broken/worn-out mount.

New mount... How I installed it.
1. Test fitted the new mount to the bracket. (had to file the metal bush slightly due to over-tightness)
2. Installed the mount. (3 16mm fasteners)
3. Positioned the bracket and start one 17mm fastener
4. Inserted the horizontal bolt that goes thru the bracket and mount (Positioned but not yet tightened)
5. Start the rest of the bracket fastener.

Note: Positioning the bracket and mount can be difficult due to limited space.
Had to be patient. I used a small floor jack to lift the tranny about 10mm to be able to start the last bracket fastener.

After everything was positioned properly, I tightened everything up.
Note that depending on the mount you get.... I used a heavy duty type
(slightly triangular shaped bushing, not round) you might feel more engine vibration at first but it should tone down after it breaks in.


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Fantastic, I needed to know how to do this if my dealer doesn't replace my mount under warranty.

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Can you eleaborate on how you removed the mount. . We have everything disconnected but can't pull it out. It gets stuck on the firewall and the transmission.
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