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After 1 year of ownership the only things that were problems were:
- hatch latch freezes up in -30 Celsius weather
- two mysterious paint chips (not from stones, appears to be paint flaking)
- rear brakes are noisy when backing up (been that way for a long time)

What I've done:
- logged 20,000 km
- installed overhead DVD player for rear seat passengers
- installed Nokian WR tires
- replaced front bumper (oops)

All in all the Jeep has been good. I was a bit concerned being a new model and I bought it when it was the only one on the dealers' lots in town. But there's been no CEL, no calls to roadside assistance, etc.

I still think the Compass is a great bang for the buck. I don't regret passing on the Escape either ;-)

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9 months and 21,000 kilometers.

Problems I've had:
-hatch latch froze once (about -30 Celsius also), took about 4 or 5 times but finally got it shut, never happened again afterward.
-rear brakes noisy when cold when backing up also, I guess it is just the way the metal is, rust installs itself within hours, after braking 2 or 3 times, it is removed and the brakes becomes silent again.
-had several fixes for vibrations of many panels because of the subwoofer bass, even at low volume. they installed foam, rubbers and other stuff to eliminate them, about 70% is corrected, still have some in the right rear door.
-had CVT firmware updated for performance issues, helped a bit but still sluggish from a stop sign when you floor it.
-had intermittent problems trying to lock my doors with the remote, this was caused by the remote starter (mopar), they finally found a fix for this after a few months (install a diode to prevent current flowing back in the skreem module)
-Wind noise at high speed (over 90 kilometers per hour) in the two rear doors caused by the exterior door handle design, they are unable to fix it, however, putting a tape against where the front of the door handle touches the door itself fixes it, this is not a right fix as you can imagine.
-Got 2 flat in two separate tires in 2 separate times (1 nail and 1 metal pin). They fixed the first one with glue and interior mushroom patch, the second one with a rubber cord and glue. This kind of glue actually "burn" the rubber so that it becomes "one" with the rubber patch. The tire is almost as good as it was before the flat they say.
-Got problems with the rubber sleeve under the vehicle under the driver's seat that covers the brake and gas lines. They finally decided to remove it completely, the hoses are now exposed. I hated them very much when they decided this was the final fix to prevent it from falling off or hanging under the vehicle.

What I've "upgraded":
-got 21,000 km
-installed nets in the trunk to hold in place the groceries and windshield container and emergency kit
-bought a special wire to hook up my iPod line-out (through usb connector) to the stereo front line-in
-installed an interior air filter for pollen etc... The owner's manual says it comes with the security system/soft cover in the trunk but it doesn't. (20$ and it is installed in 1 minute just behind the glove box, very easy, did it myself)
-bought a 2 to 3 prongs converter from the local hardware store for the 120V AC connector under your arm rest to use 3 prongs electrical stuff with it

Off-Road or reckless (read stupid) driving:
-2 off-road scratches, one very low in the passenger door because of a muddy branch or rock and the other under the front bumper, I know, it is very high but the rock was higher, what can I say, hehehe
-driving in few inches of mud (deep enough to gather some in the fog lights and everywhere over the truck). Be sure to completely turn off ESP, not just partially or you WILL get stuck, believe me)
-driving over rocks (don't do this, the Compass is not good for rocks because it is not a real 4x4 locked differential and it is not high enough and it doesn't have skid plates, so I have many marks under it now that I patched with a silicon based stuff to prevent rust)

Upcoming additions (as money flows in, hehehe):
-Garmin Nuvi 660 GPS (includes bluetooth hands-free and FM transmitter)
-Winter tires (Toyo or Nokian) that I'll try to get a bit bigger to have a bit higher ground clearance, not sure if that will be possible
-hitch (for a camper/trailer, has anyone tried that ?)
-roof ski rack (suggestions ? Mopar ?)

This is by far the best vehicle I've had in my life (had 2 Toyota Corollas and 1 Chevrolet Venture). It is very fun to drive, even after 21,000km, I always feel like a child with a new toy every time I drive it.

Sure I've had some minor glitches but hey, this is version 1.0, I expected them but they were very minor and pretty much most of them have been fixed very well by my great dealer.

Before buying a Compass I checked the Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, Hyundai Tucson, Ford Escape, Mazda Tribute and Kia.

But the best bang for the buck (by far) was the Compass and I'm still convinced that I made the best choice.


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-hitch (for a camper/trailer, has anyone tried that ?)

I had one installed when I purchased mine. (3 weeks ago) It looks good, but I have not had the chance to try it out.

My new mod consists of a new manifold. As soon as it comes out of the shop I will be putting my Vespa ET4 on the hitch to take out for a trip and will report my findings.

Like you, I just find the Compass fun to drive~~
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