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I just had the Uconnect module and mic (part # 82212499) installed. My question is - do any additional NAV icons show up under the TOOLS menu when the NAV is activated? Right now (and prior to installation) the RHB diplays under the TOOLS menu the following icons: Where Am I, Help, Routes, My Data, World Clock and Calculator. The UP/Down arrows on the bottom right are not active. Funny thing was just once after I started the RHB after the install the UP/Down arrows and additional icons (Phonebook and others that I can remember) showed up on the screen. After powering off and restarting again multiple times the UP/Down arrows and additional icons are gone and the TOOLS screen only displays the 5 icons I described previously. Am I missing something or was that a fluke. The RHB has been updated with the 23.04.41 Travel Link update so I believe the software is the latest. Can anyone withe the Uconnect and the 430N RHB radio check their icons?

Also, my DROID X pairs fine, streams bluetooth but will not download the phonebook. Any ideas? The Jeep Uconnect site lists the DROID X as compatible (1 check out of 3 but functional) and mentions the phonebook should download.

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