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Hey all! I own a 2016 Jeep Compass. I would like to add cross bars to the slide rails on the roof. After some research I found that my car would fit Mopar cross bars product #82212352. I purchased these via Amazon and upon their arrival I found that they only come in an anodized silver finish. The plastic side attachments are black, it's just the bar itself that is silver. I would like to have an all black rack. I called my dealership and they explained that Mopar does have a product with all black cross bars product #82210804, however that part is made for a Patriot. Two questions:

1) Would the 82210804 Patriot cross rails fit my compass?
2) Is it possible to paint over the silver anodized finish? Does a primer need to be applied? What paint would you recommend?

Lastly, my end goal here is eventually add a bike carrier to the cross bars/roof rack. What type of carrier would fit the Mopar cross rails and their aeroblade shape? Is Thule the best brand to go with? Do you prefer to have just the rear wheel and frame mounted, or should I go with a carrier that fits the whole bike included the front wheel?

Any leads are appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to read this.

- Jules


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