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I may have mentioned this before; but has anyone else had issues with your MP Compass sounding like a schoolbus hitting the brakes?

Driving normally (0-25mph), pulling out of my driveway in reverse, even at highway speeds, I'll randomly get a sound like my brakes are completely gone.

I had someone mention it could be something stuck in the caliper, and that this was a normal issue. I haven't gone back for my second tire change and checkup at the dealer yet, but the first one they found NOTHING wrong.

This time I have video evidence.

I have found that if I take it slightly offroad for a little bit, it seems to settle down (which fits with something stuck in a caliper). I told my kids it was the poor thing complaining. "You never take me anywhere, I'm a real Jeep too! I'm tired of pavement, I wanna play!"

2018 MP Compass Trailhawk - <10,000 miles
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